Project - W.E.T. Automotive

W.E.T. Automotive

Location: Windsor, ON
Size: 68,500 Sq. Ft.


This industrial facility consists of 68,500 square feet of office, warehousing and manufacturing space. The manufacturing plant is constructed with a structural steel frame, decorative concrete masonry units and insulated metal siding. Roofing is comprised of a ballasted EPDM membrane system. The corporate offices were designed with unique circular aesthetics to create an image on a global scale. The façade incorporates a combination of curtain wall systems and architectural concrete blocks creating a bold, outstanding look. The office structure is of structural steel frame and pre-cast concrete hollow core slabs.

Customer Experience

"Rosati Construction was selected based on their reputation to meet budget and timing.  Their group's ability in all areas of the project, resulting in the completion of out 72,000 sq ft. facility to house our North American technical centre and headquarters in under six months.  I believe this to be an impressive accomplishment by any measure.."

Rob Colja

Director of Operations

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