Project - Windsor Aluminum Plant

Windsor Aluminum Plant

Location: Windsor, ON
Size: 394,655 Sq. Ft.


The Windsor Aluminum Plant, now owned by Nemak, was originally constructed for Ford Motor Company of Canada as one of their first design-build projects. The building requirements and goals were that the facility had to be built economically and have the ability to rapidly expand. Since the original construction, Rosati has designed and built every expansion including all machine foundations and mezzanines. Today, the assembly contains approximately 394,655 square feet plus a 2-storey office facility consisting of 34,800 square feet and has been recognized as one of Ford’s most economical per square foot plants. The office façade has a black tinted glass curtain wall system.

Customer Experience

"Since the early 1990's, we have worked together on several different projects beginning with  the conception of the Ford Windsor Aluminum Plant many years ago through the construction of multiple projects.  From Minor renovations to full-scale construction, we have found you and your staff to consistently meet our high standards of quality and on-time completion.."

Kip Bonds

Launch Manager

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