Project - Green Shield Canada

Green Shield Canada

Location: Windsor, ON
Size: 72,470 Sq Ft


Green Shield Canada facility in Windsor is comprised of a 3-storey building with a total of 72,470 sq. ft. and will offer Green Shield the flexibility to satisfy their expansion requirements for the next 7 years.

The construction of the building adopts the composite floor system of poured reinforced concrete on metal deck.  The building elevations feature the best stucco system finish combined with veneer bricks, windows and stone accents.  The building is fully sprinklered, has monitored access control   systems as well as a sophisticated power and ventilation system designed for computer system requirements.  The site features 271 parking spaces, 3,700 sq. ft. of heated sidewalks and the site is fully landscaped.


Customer Experience

"We choose Rosati Construction for this project because of its step by step expertise and resources.  Rosati's array of in-house services, including design/build capabilities makes the project as risk free and stress free as possible for us.  We were also impressed by the fact that Rosati was able to come in under the budget we had established.."

Dave Garner

Chief Operating Officer

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