Project - Axiom Technologies Ltd.

Axiom Technologies Ltd.

Location: Windsor, ON
Size: 10,073 Sq. Ft.


This 10,073 Sq. Ft. office facility features numerous energy efficient features such as in-floor heating, daylight harvesting and energy-efficient triple-glazed windows. The building’s unique façade incorporates aluminum panels, high-quality clay masonry, stucco and pre-finished metal siding. The east side of the facility features a slope standing seam metal roof system that provides for an expansive interior office space and also provides an attractive visual element. Internally the design focuses on employee comfort with various amenities including high levels of daylight, in-floor heating, a large atrium with kitchen facilities and a small fitness centre. There is also warehouse space, a training room, a workshop and a customer pick-up area.

Customer Experience

"We were quite taken by the quality of the interaction with Rosati.  It was clear they were working for us.  They had integrity and I felt I could trust them.  That's what is meant by exceeding customer expectations.  I was very impressed.."

Phil Jacques


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