Project - Autoliv Manufacturing Facility

Autoliv Manufacturing Facility

Location: Tilbury, ON
Size: 61,171 Sq. Ft.


This manufacturing expansion of over 61,171 square feet featured a pre-engineering structure with a 160-foot clear span in the manufacturing area. The plant area included a 12” concrete slab with detailed level reinforcing for zero tolerance movement and specific levelness tolerances. The expansion also incorporated new workshops, storage, scouring and new employee amenities such as offices, detailed washrooms and lunch room area. The expansion was design-built to blend into the existing and to maintain strict levels of humidification.

Customer Experience

"Autoliv chose to work with Rosati Construction due to their ability to manage a project with the highest degree of attention to detail. It has always been our experience that Rosati construction leaves nothing to chance and ensures that schedules are maintained through tireless follow up and continuous communication with the customer.  As "change" is an inevitable component of any large project, Rosati approaches changes in stride and shows a high level of flexibility in reacting to them.."

Matt Stoyanovich

Technical/ Launch Manager-Manufacturing

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