Rosati Chosen by Global Supplier to Build Canadian Facility to Supply NextStar EV Battery Plant

Bobaek America Inc., a South Korean-based global supplier, is developing its first manufacturing facility in Canada.
With locations in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Indonesia and South Korea, Bobaek will be a supplier to Windsor’s upcoming NextStar Battery plant, providing insulation materials for electric vehicle batteries.  Bobaek products are designed to prevent electric leakage and battery explosions, considered potential risks in electric vehicles. Customers will have access to a wide range of products, including insulating materials to protect between battery cells or the entire outer periphery of the battery.
With customers in Windsor, Michigan and Indiana, we recognized that Windsor, Ontario is the best location to serve our customers.
Rosati was successful in being selected as the design-build company of choice for the new site following preliminary presentations. The first phase of the new manufacturing plant will be comprised of 71,635 square feet, including a 7,000-SF office.

“Rosati provided what we needed quickly, thoroughly and courteously. We are extremely satisfied with the promptness and detail of their work, and would work with Rosati again if the opportunity arises.”

Jae-Hwa Moon, President, Bobaek America Inc.

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