Grand Cantina Brings a Culinary & Artistic Flair to Walkerville Dining Scene

The Grand Cantina new location in Windsor’s Walkerville Distillery Square District is the talk of the town. Located at 1968 Wyandotte Street East, the 2,000 SF eatery is turning heads with its sprightly interior design, prominent art features, and exquisite food and beverage selections. Design-built by Rosati, in collaboration with F & B Hospitality, the well-known restaurant’s new site features a vibrant indoor space, a large L-shaped bar, two dining areas and an additional food-prep area on the lower level. The eatery carried over features its signature skull-themed decor from its original Ford City location.

“The quality of Rosati’s work is great! You enjoy your construction meetings, because you’re working with a really great group of people. Even after a month, they’ve come back to make sure things are as they should be.”

Rosemary Woods, Co-Owner, The Grand Cantina

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