The Loose Goose Expands Despite COVID Challenges

Local restaurateurs and co-owners of The Loose Goose RestoPub and Lounge, Angus MacKinnon and Dan Spada, first approached Rosati to design-build a 2nd location on the east side of Essex County. In late 2019, the new Loose Goose opened to a warm welcome at Lakeshore Oasis on Advance Blvd. The demand for menu items such as the signature chicken wings proved so high, the kitchen had difficulty meeting demands of both takeout and dine in customers. Unfortunately, expansion plans were put on hold by the COVID-19 pandemic. With things slowly opening up again in mid-2021, and now armed with an upgraded online ordering platform for takeout, the co-owners quickly approached Rosati to get the expansion going again by adding a second kitchen, a new separated takeout area and a large outdoor patio with extravagant patio. All of which are now open for business.

“We have had Rosati working with us on projects for the last few years. They have given us skills and resources to successfully grow our business despite the challenges in an ever-changing world. Whenever we are building, they will be the group we look to for support and guidance. They are an amazing knowledgeable hard-working team of people, and we are proud to be able to be a part of that.” Angus MacKinnon, Co-Owner, The Loose Goose RestoPub and Lounge

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