Law Firm Returns to Downtown Core

Mousseau Law partner Tom Porter recommended Rosati to renovate the firm’s new offices, as he was happy with the work the company had done on another project.
The location search resulted in a totally-renovated 10,000-square-foot space at 525 Windsor Avenue. The leasehold project was design-built by Rosati, working closely with the building’s owner.
Along with the fresh, functional new working space, the project included a convenient elevator from the parking garage to the second-floor law firm offices.

“Rosati is very professional and they do excellent work. They aim to please their clients. They made it fairly effortless on our part, giving us options when there were choices to be made. They promised we would be in by April 1st, because we had to get out of our previous space, and they delivered on that deadline.” – Tom Porter, Lawyer/Partner, Mousseau Law Firm

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