Kadri Dental Sinks Teeth into New LaSalle Location

Dr. Kareem Kadri approached Rosati to design-build his new Kadri Dental offices at Malden Square Plaza, in LaSalle’s bustling Malden Rd. business district.

Dr. Kadri is a general dentist practicing family dentistry, and has a passion for implants and cosmetic dentistry.
Assisted by Henry Schein Dental, the design will result in a bright, fresh dental centre being constructed in two phases. Phase one has already begun, with construction underway on the first 2,600-square-foot space, and phase two will add another 1,500 square feet. Phase one will include two hygiene rooms and three operatories. There will also be a sterilization area, a lab and administrative spaces, and more hygiene rooms and operatories when complete. Hospital-grade negative pressure rooms will be an important part of patient care.

“I know Rosati has a proven track record and an eye for excellence. They are super responsive and they helped me develop my vision. They use only quality materials and they work with the best trades. This freed me to focus on the actual care of my patients, instead of having to worry about the project.” – Dr. Kareem Kadri, Kadri Dental

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