Major Renovation Leads to Re-branded Image

With a major renovation project completed, WFS Ltd., holding a strong presence in the community for over 65 years, now has a new look and rebranded aesthetics at its 1971-era shop on North Service Rd.

The interior and exterior upgrades, recently carried out by Rosati, have set the industrial distribution company in a position to confidently face the changing landscape of business.

The interior enhancements included re-positioning some departments, adding more offices and meeting spaces, upgrades to washrooms, and a new training and lunch room. Additional parking spaces have also been added, while the plumbing showroom has been expanded and upgraded for a superior customer experience.

This new configuration has created internal efficiencies within departments, and improved work flow.

A full face-lift has modernized the exterior façade, with an attractive streamlined look helping WFS show an updated image to the world, as the company builds on decades of valuable experience to face the challenges of the future.

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