Lincoln Laser Solutions Expands for new Lathe

A complex machine foundation was a key component the Rosati engineering team had to design and install as part of  this new 6,250 sq.ft. addition.

Oldcastle-based Lincoln Laser Solutions is undergoing a conventionally-constructed 6,250-square-foot addition to its facilities.  This will allow the company to expand its manufacturing space as well as add a new compressor room, washroom and a 25-ton crane extension.

Rosati was chosen to design-build the project including a complex machine foundation with a built-in trough system.  The foundation is designed to hold a new lathe machine weighing more than 147,000 pounds when fully loaded, allowing them to turn-key repair extremely large components.

“We’ve had some great experience with Rosati in the past.  Our parent company, Whitfield Welding, worked with Rosati to build our facility at 5425 Roscon Industrial Dr.  We were very happy with the service and quality of the building, and didn’t hesitate to call them again for the expansion project of Lincoln Laser Solutions.” – Sean Whitfield, General Manager, Lincoln Laser Solutions

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