J&J Marine expands services on Fighting Island

Rosati chosen for improvements to facilities for seasoned hunters adding over 3,100 sq ft of new amenities, including a new kitchen and dog kennel buildings.

Rosati has design-built various projects on Fighting Island for J & J Marine, the operator of a private hunt club and lodge offering personalized game hunts for corporate employees.  The club provides amenities including highly-trained hunting dogs, camouflage hunting gear, shotguns, meals and lodging.  The most recent projects design-built by Rosati include a 1,200- square-foot full-service dedicated kitchen building, and a new 1,900-square-foot dog kennel and storage facility.  The kennel includes 12 interconnected exterior/interior kennel spaces for prized hunting dogs, as well as a dog-wash zone and high-security storage areas.

“We’ve known Rosati for a long time.  They excel at project management.  They’re very good at getting things done in a timely way.  Even after the project is done, if you have any issues, they are on top of it right away.  As an example their thoughtfulness, when there was a marsh fire on Fighting Island, they sent down their guys to help without even being asked.  you don’t get that with very many contractors.” – Jude Mead Jr., Director of Operations, J&J Marine

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